Gucci Question

  1. Hi ladies. I have a question. I was just wondering if anyone know of any Nordstrom that sells Gucci handbags? I work at Nordstrom and someone told me that we are carrying gucci now but they don't know what store. If someone can tell me that would be great. Thank you
  2. Really? I didn't know this....maybe the Nordstrom on Michigan Ave. in Chicago, but I was just there last weekend and don't recall seeing GUCCI - wait a know what, they might now that I think about it (although, I am not positive)...I will be there again on Saturday and will confirm for you....then again, you can always call the store directly and find out for sure.
  3. [​IMG] Nordstrom Seattle
    Has anyone been to the Gucci that recently opened in the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom? What did you think of it? I just wish it was bigger!

    - someone posted that this above in another thread.
  4. Topanga Mall (Canoga Park, CA) carries Gucci but not a lot from what an SA told me over the phone.
  5. Thanks everyone. I did call the seattle store and they do sell gucci they have one handbag left that i'm looking for and it's on hold for someone. But the SA told me if the lady doesn't pick it up by the end of the day she is going to put it on hold for me and call me when they open. I'm crossing my fingers that the lady doesn't come back. I guess the bag is all sold out everywere and Nordstrom is doing a waiting list for it. I can always go to nemians but i figure that i work for nordstrom and i could get 20% off.
  6. Which bag is it? You got me all curious!

  7. This is the bag. I'm so in love with it. When i first saw it i wanted it. But then again i want them all LOL...
  8. That is a nice bag. I hope you get it!
  9. that bag is nice and the price for it is good too from what i heard!!! ;)
  10. Ok girls so listen to this..It was meant to be. So the SA called me in the morning and told me that the lady is for sure picking up the bag on Wed. So i was so sad. I asked her if any of the other store's have the bag. She told me that they are all sold out i guess there is only 3 nordstrom store's that have gucci. So i was like i'm going to just call nemian's and get it there. So i called and put it on hold. So i went to work and was like i'm just going to call one of the other nordstrom just to check. What the hell right. So i call and the SA was like someone just returned that bag like 10 mins ago. I was like it was meant to be for me to get that bag. It has my name all over it LOL. So i got it and they are shipping it to me and i didn't pay full price i got my discount on it. Just had to share that with all of you.
  11. great! congrats on this bag! I really like it too, considered buying it on but I had to put a stop somewhere...
  12. congrats gianna!!!
  13. Thank you everyone..I can't wait 5-8 days for it..I'm to excited. I want it now. But thats ok cuz now i have to go to the store and look for a wallet to go with it.
  14. congrats, did the SA tell you what Nordstroms carry GUCCI - is Michigan Ave on the list? I thought I was, but I am not sure?

  15. No Michigan Ave doesn't carry gucci. There is only three stores. There are two stores Seattle, and in CA.