Gucci Question

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to this forum and just purchased a brown guccisima hobo from the sale. Is the leather on it supposed to be splotchy. It almost looks like it has water spots all over it. TIA
  2. kind of yes...I thought the brown wasn't on sale....Can I ask how much you got it for?
  3. I got it for $773 including tax. I should have looked at it before I left the store but it was so crowded I just wanted to leave. So do you think that is how its supposed to look or should I take it back there. There was only one left besides the one I bought and it had a huge scratch on it.
  4. Umm nope...the suppose to have a very vague...tye dye look to it...My blue one has it....YOU GOT YOUR BAG FOR A DEAL!!!...the brown isn't suppose to be on sale...well not at the gucci store at least~
  5. That's what I thought when I looked online it wasn't in the sale section. So I'm glad I went into the store. Thanks for answering my question.
  6. Nicely done on the purchase!!!
  7. Congrats! That is a gorgeous bag. Can you pls. post a pic for us