Gucci Question...

  1. Okay so there was this specfic Gucci bag that I wanted to get. So I went to the Gucci store and they didn't have the large size I wanted on hand, since I am impulsive I bought the medium one. Now, I regret that and I want to return it. The problem is, I only have one more day to return it (the ten day policy is almost up) but they don't have it in stock yet. THEN I was thinking well the gucci sale isn't too far away why don't I wait for that and get it on sale... So I was wondering is the girl that I bought it from (the SA) going to loose the commission until I buy the other one? Gucci does work on commission correct?? I don't know what to do!
  2. Don't worry about the SA. One sale won't hurt her. Do what is best for YOU!!!! Return it if you want. It is not your fault they have such a short return period. It is your money and you need to be happy.

    What did you buy?
  3. Also since you are in NJ there are 2 outlets. One in NJ and one in NY. You can always check out what they have there.
  4. I don't know for sure how the commission works for them, but if you are that concerned, I would just make sure you return it to her and tell her what you are really wanting and that you want her to get the commission. If she is a good SA then she will keep an eye out and let you know when the bag you truly want becomes available. If she blows you off, then I wouldn't really be too worried about giving her the commission.
  5. thank you everyone! i think i am going back to gucci on thursday and exchange it.

    p.s. beljwl- i'm not sure of the name exactly but it's the gg web tote with the green/red straps... it's really adorable but i wanted the larger one
  6. wait and get the one u really want
  7. I'm with Jill.
  9. so i returned the medium size bag today in exchange for the larger one but they didnt have it in stock so i did order a larger one and now i'm happy :smile:
  10. ^^^^CONGRATS!!!! ^^^It is much better getting what you really want. Otherwise you will never be completely happy
  11. you're so right!
  12. Good girl!!! Very happy to hear. Want to see pics when you get it ;)
  13. U must post pics!Cant wait!