Gucci Python vs Regular Leather

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  1. Does anybody have any thoughts on which leather holds up better overtime. The python bags have a lot of scales on them (which i guess is the nature of python) so I'm wondering if that affects durability.

  2. IMO python is not for everyday bags for me, leather is completely durable.
  3. python is not an everyday skin. it must be protected from rain and extended sun exposure to preserve the scales.
  4. Well, I do have a Large Jockey Hobo in Python but I don't have a leather bag so I can only comment on having a python bag. In terms of the durability it's durable I suppose... The truth is the python is so so gorgeous that your just naturally careful with it. You never test the durability because the python is almost like a showpiece, you don't want to get it wet, you don't want to put it on the floor etc etc.

    So I'm sure python is durable but its so beautiful you'll never want to test it out.
  5. Python is far more luxurious and is, in my opinion durable. You should go for python.
  6. Leather is for everyday wear..
  7. thanks for all the responses
  8. Python is more exclusive but not for everyday, you must protect them from sun and rain...