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  1. I purchased this Gucci Purse in the 90's and I purchased it from a Gucci Store. I am trying to authenticate it because it has been used one time and it still looks brand new and I was thinking about selling it. The problem is I do not have the receipt and I do not know what the name of this purse is and the model number has 5 numbers on top 94885 and the serial number has just 4 on the bottom 1705- a total of just nine numbers. Can anyone help me. I have been researching and have not found a picture and the serial numbers they say have to be 10-13 numbers? 94485
    Also this purse has a attched smaller bag and this is where the serial number is behind the Gucci tab.

    Please help.
  2. Hi and welcome to Gucci forum

    For any issues concerning authenticity please go to our AT Gucci thread (in my sig.) and post as directed #1 & #2. I'll help if I can.

    If you bought it from a Gucci store there should be no issue whatsoever (I never keep my receipts either - I can hear everyone around fainting with shock :shocked:)

    Our authentications are done by volunteers, for something that will reassure the seller and be of use to you should your seller try any 'funny business' you will possibly need a professional authentication service to send you something in writing. I have never used them so can't personally recommend but I can see Castira specialise in Gucci Guccis so perhaps try there if need be
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.