Gucci purple Bouvier at Bergdorf's for 50% off

  1. Gone ! Ahhh..its gorgeous
  2. :crybaby:item not available anymore
  3. It was such a gorgeous colour.. that went pretty quickly... oh well....
  4. It appears to be in stock again...hurry!
  5. yikes, that bag is a bit scary for my taste!
  6. If it were in a neutral color I probably would have snagged it for myself! Looks like it's gone again...
  7. I love the color. It's very unique. Too bad it's gone :sad:
  8. HOT bag!!! :nuts:
  9. Agree. Loves it!!:yahoo:
  10. thank you
  11. What a fabulous color! Glad I didn't see this thread while the bag was still available, lol!