Gucci pumps

  1. Hi! Do any of you lovely ladies own these gorgeous pumps or have any of you tried them on? I just want to know if they are comfortable before I buy them. I have been lusting after these for a few weeks but I need to make sure they are comfy before forking out 500.00 for them.
    Thanks ladies!:flowers:

  2. I don't have them...but those are GORGEOUS!!!! :drool:
  3. Beautiful pumps, I WANT THEM :drool:
  4. I don't have those in particular but I do have a pair of pumps that I bought last year on impulse. Gucci heels are a bit straining on my instep because the heels are often super high. Also my arch is not very pronounced which may contribute...
    Comfy is relative I guess BUT what's a little discomfort for looking fabulous. They're gorgeous!
  5. Thanks ladies! Kimbo, here in socal I live in heels and can run in stilettos. I think I will buy these! :yes:
  6. HOT! Hope you get them they are SO hot!
  7. Those are gorgeous.. reminds me of Christian Louboutin.

    But I especially love the purple patent leather.. very original..
  8. I just got those! I will let you know how comfortable they are when they get here. According to the Gucci website, they come with either a 3.1" heel or a 4" heel. I'm sure the 3" ones would be more comfortable, but only the black and grey ones are shown to come in the 3" heel. Does anyone know if the red and purple ones are available in the shorter heel also?
  9. I don't own them, but they are so pretty! I bet they will make your legs look so sexy :graucho:
  10. [​IMG]
    Hi Clk55girl,

    Well I would say get it if you are only worried if it's comfortable because I tried on the above pair which definitely looks more uncomfortable than the pair you are eyeing and they are good enough for me! I have a couple of Gucci pumps and I think their shoes are quite fine! :yes:
  11. I have a few pairs of gucci's they are so comfortable, other than flats I'd say gucci's are most comfy shoes I can wear them all day with no problems
  12. Well I got the 4" Veruska pumps Jennifer first posted about... They run true to size, but they are so uncomfortable IMO! :hysteric: They weren't THAT hot either when I got them. The crepe material on the bottom looks weird to me. Looks like it should glow in the dark. I might try to get the 3" ones instead though, cause all my heels are like 4"+.