Gucci pumps? rop for pix>>

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    I just ordered 7..any1 got their yet? i usually wear 6.5...any1 know if these will fit my feet? thx

    also are gucci pumps usually comfortable? thx
  2. I practically live in Gucci pumps. I have these in a 39 and they are very comfy. You should be ok. If anything, they were a great deal and you can always send them back. :smile: I saw the price for those and the Britt high heel sandals and I about cried. LOL I paid the full $480 for the sandals and about $50 more than what you just paid for the rope pumps. Oh well!
  3. yes...i think you've seen me several times online..i've been trying to find good deals and these finally showed up in close to my size....did you see the post about the fendi pumps earlier? i ordered them in size 6 but not sure if they 'll work bc i usually wear size 6.5...what u think?
    btw, are these gucci comfortable? not sure how i'm going to wear them yet..bc not use to the round toe shoes yet...thanks (got any suggestions)
  4. Hi Pwecious, yeah I responded in that thread. I think you should be ok with those as well. Just get them, and if they don't work, you can always return them. :smile:

    I think they are comfortable. I don't wear round toe very often as well. I am standing most of the day and I don't have a problem with them. But, I also have lots of shoes and can practically wear a different pair everyday of the year. LOL
  5. oh ic..okok..thank you :smile:
  6. very cute, where did you get them?
  7. They are from NM online. Pwecious grabbed them today and I bought them a couple of weeks ago. :smile: