Gucci Princy questions. Please r/o:

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  1. Hello All,

    When was the Gucci Princy collection introduced?
    Was the red leather trim a seasonal color? From when?

    Thanks for any info...I really will appreciate it.

  2. The red leather trim is pretty new, I'd say fall 07 or cruise 08.
  3. Hmm... i got the gucci hard cover catalogue with alot of the red leather / guccissima in it - but i think it was all the UNICEF purses???? can you remember the catalgue bee? Mine is tucked away at home somewhere... that was from Fall 07.
  4. I don't see the Princy in the Fall catalog, the UNICEF leather trim is snake skin, so they're probably not immediate family, only cousins! ;)

    I saw the red leather trim at Neiman Marcus a couple weeks ago, so I'd think it's cruise 08?
  5. true true true!! i am at home now and had a quick look - it is not in the fall catalogue. Yes i think it must be cruise 2008...
  6. thank you both very much! i'm not an aficionado on when the collections come out and who carries them. the gucci store did not have any red, only the NM. Is this common? thanks again!
  7. The red trim is a seasonal color. Department stores get their stock directly from Gucci Italy so it's possible that Gucci USA does not have them. Different regions sometimes have different colors too.
  8. I saw a Princy with the red trim at Gucci 5th ave. in NYC back in Feb. May not still have them, though.
  9. I bought a Chocolate Guccissima Princy in 2006. I think the red is seasonal.