gucci princy on sale at SAKS

  1. ^Still available...
  2. [​IMG]I bought this one-it confirmed, but I am expecting a cancellation as it now says sold out!
  3. No longer available
  4. How much was this lovely thing? JNH14, I hope you got it!
  5. It was $775 and I paid $309.99. I got a confirmation-but fully expect that it will be cancelled-the story of my life lately...:crybaby:
  6. do u have pics?
  7. Wow. I adore that bag. I hope you get it.
  8. OMG I was looking at the same bag earlier today and tried to buy it. I hope you get it!!

  9. I hope so too, I logged into my account and it says that it's been processed-so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!:wtf:
  10. Great Bag JNH, hope you get it! *crossing fingers*
  11. Thanks-maybe if we all cross them it'll happen!:yahoo:
  12. Yahoo!!! It shipped-I'm so excited-I hope that I like it!:nuts:
  13. congrats!! it's an awesome IF bag!:yes::yahoo:
  14. Thanks it's scheduled to arrive already on the 24th! Three days after I ordered it-yea, Saks!