Gucci Princetown vs Brixton

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  1. Hi Ladies!! Looking to do some retail therapy tomorrow and I can’t decide between the Princeton and the brixton convertible!! Anyone else have the same dilemma? Would love feedback!! I’m thinking the rose color ! Share some inspiration please! [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I would go Jordaans: I have two pairs and love them to death. I think the leather is different, Jordaans seem to be more stiff so you'd have to break them in. I don't see the point of the Brixton, unless if you think you'll wear them "folded", like the princeton !
  3. I read a lot of times that even if you don`t wear them folded down the brixton are more comfortable.
    As Pseekand tries to decide between Brixton and Princetown, I guess she wants shoes she can wear open-back.
    @Pseekand or would you contemplate all-closed shoes?
  4. i love the brixton. so comfortable it didn’t need breaking in and in a hurry i use them folded down although most days i wear it like a regular shoe. i want another pair i have a pair of fur lined princetown and i seldom wear them ( prob because of the fur)