Gucci Princetown sizing help

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just need help with Princetown sizing. I wear US 9 but wear 38.5 in Gucci ace sneakers. I also have the Gucci espadrilles in 39.5 (it’s a bit snug to be honest)z Does the Princetown run TTS? Or are they big or small? My other sizes on other brands are 39.5 in Saint Laurent and 10 in Chanel.

    Thank you!
  2. Aw also 40 in valentino. Thanks again!
  3. Princetowns tend to run narrow. I believe most people size up by 0.5 size.
    Ace sneakers run big.
    I have no experience with Gucci espadrilles.
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  4. I had to go up a whole size.
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  5. I am 35.5 in pumps and 36 in sandals.. went with 36 for my princetowns.. hope that helps
    Princetowns are by far my most comfortable shoes
  6. I’m a 37 most of the time in Chanel, 36.5 in the Jordaan and 37 in the Princetown.
  7. Usually a 6.5, got a 7 in Princetown.
  8. No you size up.
    I'm a 9 in Gucci Ace Sneakers, 9.5 Princetowns
    They're narrow as hell and your foot won't slide all the way in.
  9. Princetowns run small. I’m a 37 in Marmont loafers, 37.5 in most designers, 38 in Rockstud heels, and 38 in Princetown mules.