Gucci Princetown Mules

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  1. Hi ladies - I went to the Glass slippers forum and clubhouse but had no luck. Although it’s only been a couple of hours but I’m just in a bit of time constraint.

    I just need help with Princetown sizing. I wear US 9 but wear 38.5 in Gucci ace sneakers. I also have the Gucci espadrilles in 39.5 (it’s a bit snug to be honest)z Does the Princetown run TTS? Or are they big or small? My other sizes on other brands are 39.5 in Saint Laurent and 10 in Chanel/Valentino. I asked a couple of sellers on poshmark about the sizes and I get so many different answers. So I trust you ladies more Thank you!
  2. Hi- I’m a 35.5 in the ace sneakers, 36 in Brixton and Jordaan and a 36.5 in the princetown mule. I’m a US 6.5 with a foot that’s regular to slightly narrow. Hope this helps!
  3. Yes, Princetown mule up half size.