Gucci Prices in Rome

  1. I will be going to Rome in November and I want to purchase a Gucci bag and some other things. I have heard that the prices are lower and also that you van get a VAT tax refund up to 20%.

    Is there anyone out there who can help me? I would like to know what kind of prices I should expect. Are the bags much much cheaper or only a little? What can I expect to find?

    Any help or examples would really be appreciated.
  2. basically, I know Florence/Firenze, italy has the lowest price , then the rest of european countries have similar prices... I think it is cheaper since Gucci is made in italy plus a lot of locals use Gucci... vat refund i believe is around 7-13% sorry, i forgot. Good luck and show us what your acquisitions are....
  3. I was in Italy last june and its really cheaper there.the tax refund is 12%.
  4. Do you remember how much the Horse bit hobo was roughly? Just thinking.