Gucci Prices in Italy vs US?

  1. Hi, everyone!

    :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:I'm so excited to be going to ITALY to study for 2 months this summer. I'll be just outside of Florence, and I'm excited about the food, people, history and (I'm not afraid to admit it on here!) the SHOPPING.

    So here's my question... with the semi-annual sale upon us, the deals are wonderful. HOWEVER, I'm wondering (before I buy something) if anyone can tell me what the deals are like in Italy for Gucci (it's my absolute favorite!)... I am willing to go to the outlets (I just have to figure out how to get there and what time/day of the week is the best to go... chime in if you're in the know!). I know that in Rome and Florence at the retail shops, the prices are probably similar to what they are here (probably???)

    Anyway, any help or advice would be appreciated. If I get a bag on the semi-annual sale, it will probably just be the black horsebit hobo. I know it doesn't usually go on sale. But I bet they have different styles in Italy, too, which could be exciting.

    HELP! I need to make up my mind before the good stuff is gone. :p
  2. I would buy the stuff here (I assume your from the U.S).

    I'm actually Italian and spent many many summers in Italy. We seem to have better sales then they do (well you guys- in the U.S). I've never been to the European outlet so that I can't help you.

    Last summer when I was in Italy the exchange rate CAD to EUR wasn't good. I like the clothing line Miss Sixty which is actually made in Pescara (Abruzzo)... where I'm from.

    Although a lot of the stuff was newer and fresher looking then what the cdn Miss Sixty stores had- it worked out to be more $! A few weeks/month after I returned the same stuff was popping up in our stores. (I.E Miss Sixty Jacket... I paid 188 Euros- in Canada it was like $230
  3. I went to the outlet called "The Mall" outside of Florence, but this was probably 4-5 years back. At that time they had some gg mono totes for about 225 euros, cute gg mono large hobo's with chain detailing on the strap for about 265 euros, a really cute gg mono bag with green leather trim and interlocking g's on the front for 325 euros. I think they had gg mono sandals slides for 175 euros. Not sure if this helps since it was so many years back.
  4. When I went to Rome 2 years ago, the bag I was eying (classic pelham) would've been 300ish off the US retail price with the exchange rate at the time. I regret not buying it then. According to, currently, 1 EUR = $ 1.39720 USD, HTH!
  5. I have to admit my cluelessness about the Euro... I'm not even sure if that's a great exchange rate... I haven't been checking it because whenever I go to Europe, I'm usually in Scandanavia, where they still use Kroner.

    Thanks for the suggestions... I'm still not sure what I'm doing but I have to decide soon! I will definitely head to "the mall" outside of Florence. I can't wait!