Gucci Previews - 85th anniversary Part 2

  1. What do you guys think about this new 85th anniversary series???:roflmfao:
    16ee6p1new1.jpg 16ee6p5.jpg 85th anniversary Guccssima Bosten.jpg Boston bag HK 22800.jpg Boston Tartan Web 16500.jpg Boston the bridle HK 16500.jpg Bouvier fur bag HK 20690.jpg Bouvier Tartan Web handbag HK 37580.jpg Bouvier Tartan Web handbag HK 37580 a.jpg Bouvier Tartan Web handbag HK 37580 b.jpg
  2. One more ...:flowers:
    Duffle luggage bag HK 21550.jpg
  3. Thank you again! I am drawn to these, sigh I will definitely have to get a good look at these before I make any winter bag decisions. Those Gucci boots are insane :heart: !!
  4. thanks for sharing. i like the red one in the second row.
  5. Wow, I actually like all of them.!! I love that red one!
  6. I love both red ones. And I love that outfit with the red boots to match and her fur coat + the green velvet skirt. Totally hot.
  7. Thank you for posting! Very exciting to see the upcoming lines!!!!
  8. Thanks for sharing, I LOVE the red one (1st row, 3rd one)!!!!
  9. i'm not loving this collection as i did for the past ones!:sad:
  10. actually i think the third one, 1st row


    the third one , 2nd row are kinda hot
  11. i like all of them!
  12. Any idea how much that red one (top row, #3) that many of us seem to like will be?
  13. I'm not sure if I'm really feeling any of them ! :sad: