gucci preview and my picks!

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  1. i got this cute little glossy booklet in the mail today from gucci. preview of all the hobo bags. the damn pages are so glossy, it makes it hard to take pics. and i don't have a scanner at hand.

    so hope they aren't too bad.

    my faves are the croc and pearl python hobo. priced at 12,800 and 1,995. i liked a couple of others too. hobo in white canvas for a reasonable 895. LOL. canvas! but gucci canvas. :lol:

    anyway thought you guys might want a peek.

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  2. I like the python and the alligator but the python more. I also like the emerald green ones.
  3. The python is my favorite!
  4. I LOOOOVVVE the white horsebit fabric!! :love: :love: I would actually get a tote version however... but they're all beautiful hobos! Thanks for sharing! :lol:
  5. Thanks for posting the pictures!
  6. I like the white canvas one, too, fayden.
  7. loving the navy blue leather with sig stripe
  8. Like the croc but not enough to get one....not like I could afford it anyway! :smile:
  9. Oh - I just love the gucci hobos!
  10. I love the classic Navy hobo, but sadly I feel like I'd have to be on the Love Boat to fully enjoy it. The Gucci hobos are very lovely, though!
  11. I like the alligator.
  12. thanks!

    i like the white canvas...very crisp looking!
  13. i love the python one.
  14. If I were to get a new white bag it would be a horsebit tote! Yummy! Thanks for the pics!
  15. I love the python one