Gucci Presale....

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  1. I received my Gucci sale card in the mail today which begins Dec 5. For those in San Jose, CA I contacted Gucci at Santana Row today and the presale begins this Monday 11/27.
  2. do you know how much the discounts are going to be?
  3. I believe Gucci sales are usually 40% off on leather and 30% off on fabric.
  4. For NY the sales starts on Monday 12/4 but pre-sales started already. I checked and there wasn't too many fabrics bags on sale
  5. when will the online sale start?
  6. Thanks Mellyjr~ will I be bumping into you tomorrow? :P
  7. does this include sandals i just seen on there page?
  8. Are the Brit bags included (I really doubt it, but just in case...)
  9. ^^ I heard they WERE included. Atleast, Saks is including them.

    can someone whos going to the san jose store tonight please post back which bags are going to be included? thanks
  10. how about in nyc or jersey do the gucci stores give 30 off all fabric bags??
  11. Ladies, according to my SA at Gucci, they have not officially started presale. BUT, she was able to tell me about the following bags going on sale:

    - Wave in blue Guccissima
    - Britt in red suede
    - Entire Amalfi collection
    - Abbey in denim and pink suede
    - Chain hobo in tan leather, both the medium and large size

    OH MY :yahoo:I want the large Chain hobo!!! I just need to figure out what to do with my medium Chain hobo in GG fabric!

  12. Do you need any codes for the sale?
  13. I was told my SA that the pre-sale did start today and the online sale starts Dec 5th. She also told me that the Britt bags were not on sale. Neither were the Princy or Biba bags.
  14. a few brit bags ARE ON SALE. the suede red hobo is on sale, as well as the black and tan colored suedge tassle brit bag.
  15. Does anybody know if the agendas will be on sale??
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