Gucci pre-sale starting soon?

  1. Does anyone know when the Gucci pre-sale and sale starts :confused1:
  2. I think usually starts on early June.....presale may start soon...anybody know about this?
  3. I was told by my SA that the pre-sale would start around May 25th. The actual sale will start around June 1.
  4. Really?! At which Gucci store?
  5. i've never been to or even heard of a gucci pre-sale...
    what exctly does this mean?
    do they put some / most / a lot of merch on sale?
    how much of a discount?
    all gucci stores?

  6. I asked today and was told the end of May.
  7. IMO, you can pay for the item that will be included in the sale earlier and pick it up on the day of the sale... that way you will be sure that u will get it.
  8. Usually the previous season's stuff go on sale. Fabric bags are 30% off and leathers are 40% off :graucho:
  9. yeah, early june is when it usually is.
  10. does anyone have any thought of whats gonna go on sale? i heard from someone the belt bags might, but thats all i know of
  11. Yay!!! :smile:
    Is this all Gucci stores?

  12. really?! sweeeeeett!!! :yahoo:
    the belt bag is actually on my wishlist

  13. yeah mine the dark navy color....but i only heard that supposedly, so dont get ur hopes up....but trust me i'm patiently waiting b/c i've been wanting to just snag it for the last month, at this point i might as well wait and see
  14. The sale usually has pretty good stuff.(At least I have had a good experience). The one that starts the first week of june is at all the Gucci stores. They normally have the spring/summer collection on sale and the Cruise Collection during this time of year. Last year, I remember them having makeup bags, wallets, handbags, some jewlery and shoes. The good thing about the sale at the store is that the store tends to put things on sale that NM or Saks will not. Also I think the discount is usually 35-40%. Last thing.. you should pre-sale. I remember last year when I went to pre-sale my stuff some people were buying like 4-5 handbags. There was so much more stuff to choose from at the presale than when the regular sale started. Hope this helps!
  15. Does the sale apply to the website too?