gucci positano

  1. hey all, i saw this bag and fell in love :heart:(gucci positano tote) does anyone know where to get a deal one authentic one? it seems there are so many knock offs out there and they are very well done. are any of these "wholesale sites" that purchase the bags from Italy yadda yadda ... legit?
  2. The boutique owner is amazing....:tup:
  3. I'm so glad to hear that this is a reputable website. I found it during a search for authentic handbags about a year ago and never used it because I wasn't sure if they were safe. I'll add it to my favorites.
  4. good to know. how about MYDESIGNERBRANDS.COM? they have gucci here but i don't know about it.
    anyone have a bad experience with authenticity here ? or heard of any?
  5. ^ are fakes :tdown:
  6. I agree!