Gucci Positano Scarf Tote - need to confirm the scarf for authenticity PLS HELP!

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Dec 9, 2006
I am looking to buy a Positano mongram tote from the spring 06 collection. It is the large scarf tote with beige/ebony mongram with white leather trim. I have seen it on many websites claiming to be authentic - what i need to know is:

the scarf that loops thru the bag is white with printed horsebits on it. do the horsebit print run to the edge of the hem of the scarf, in orther words, is the print all over the scarf? or is there a white solid border/trim around the edges of the scarf? pls help as im looking to buy this bag asap! thanks so much!!

with border trim on scarf:

scarf with no border trim, allover print:
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