Gucci Positano Medium Canvas

  1. Hi

    Anyone bought a Gucci Positano canvas? Do you think is suitable for office wear and would you buy it? please share...thank.......
  2. It is a perfect office bag, but make sure you think about what you are going to load into it. The bag does not have "feet" or support on the bottom so if you think you are going to get long term use carrying it to the office each day with a lot of pieces you may want to consider the Pelham (Large) it is more durable.
  3. Hi:drool:

    U have the bag?? is it very big?? i have makeup pouch, big wallet, handphone i like shoulder searching out.......
  4. It can be used as a shoulder bag, but only if your arms are on the smaller side, it is considered a tote bag. I do have the bag, as well as some other Gucci bags, and like it a lot. It holds a ton so you find yourself tossing in a lot of stuff. I would consider it one of my bigger bags. What you listed would most certainly fit! Look up the two handled shoulder Pelham and see what you think, a bit smaller and more comfortable.
  5. hi

    this bag comes in 2 sizes right? small n looking at the bigger one......but i am only 1.55cm in height, was worrying will it look big on me......
    Yours is big or small one? do u have a pic?
  6. I'm 5'2" and I own the big one, too big for my frame but I just don't care! I wear it at work almost everyday. You can fit an elephant inside that bag!

    What fantasticfrieda said it is true about the bag, since it does not have protective feet it tends to get damaged on corners. Good Luck!
  7. post pics when you do buy the bag. good luck!
  8. i have the small one and its a perfect size for me, i also use it in the office
  9. hi

    do u have the pic of u carrying your small one? can it put A4 fren mention can, and i am quite complexed...then medium one will be so huge.........

    would appreciate if you all have pic of carrying a Positano small or medium..thx :smile: