Gucci Pochette - Style #124542

  1. Has anyone seen this bag around?!?! A friend of mine purchased one at the Gucci Boutique in NYC 2 years ago. I absolutely love the bag and desperately want it.


  2. wasnt that the makeup case? :smile: it would make a cute bag

    good luck! try the outlets!
  3. This would make a really cute night bag-[​IMG]
  4. i see one on bluefly now, not in pink handle
  5. i bought one on bluefly for $245.95 last night. when i checked the website earlier, they had no more in stock. i checked back later on, and i snagged the last one in brown (would have liked it in black though).

    i also saw them on, authentic or no? any help?

    thanks for all your help!
  6. be cautious, those fendi spys look weird. :sad:
  7. That site looks fake to me too..BEWARE
  8. Its cute - I want one too :smile:
  9. i ordered a brown one off bluefly, and it just arrived today! its adorable and bigger than i thought. ill upload pictures soon. thanks for all your help guys, and keep me posted if you come across one in black or chalk. :yahoo:
  10. i sent you a private message today bc bluefly had the pink one this morning - didn't want anyone else to snatch it up before you!
  11. aw that's sweet!!
  12. thanks for that! it wasnt on bluefly by the time i checked the site. :sad: but thank you again!