Gucci platinum britt sandals

  1. I couldn't decide so I think I am keeping both since my size 11 is sold out in the US. The clog seems better with pants and the thong is more casual and versatile with skirts and capris etc.

    I also got ivory Guccissima low heel slides with the gold horsebit detail but haven't photographed them yet. I didn't see them online anywhere...I saw them in the store at Neimans. They go with the ivory Guccissima peggy bag that I just got.
    DSCN2635.JPG DSCN2634.JPG
  2. Fabulous! Congrats!
  3. [​IMG]
    Congrats-they are gorgeous!
  4. Good decision keeping both...they're gorgeous!! I especially love the clog.
  5. Both gorgeous! I love the thongs :drool:
  6. I think you made a great choice keeping both!! They are both gorgeous, and will look gerat with different things. Congrats!
  7. Cute. I like the thong better.
  8. Congratulations.
  9. Love both! Smart to keep both pairs ... you would have regretted it if you hadn't. :smile:
  10. I love them both, I have the clogs in white. Did you order from the website?, I think they are an exclusive to online. They are so hot in platium.
  11. wow the thongs are gorgeous. I so need a pair.
  12. I love them both! I have looked EVERYWHERE for the thongs in the flats..I can not find them anywhere :sad:
  13. The clogs were ordered from the Gucci website, I think the platinum is a web exclusive. Note that in platinum the heel is platinum colored didn't look like metal in the web photo. I saw the white ones in the Fairfax Square, VA store last week. The Fairfax Gucci store had to order the thongs from the last US store that had them. I went there to find them after trying on a size 10 at the Neimans in Tysons but they did not see my size 11 in the system. But Neimans in Tysons had the platinum thong in the flat and the heel last week in size 10 and probably other sizes...just not in my size. So try your local Neimans. There is also if you can't find a Gucci style anywhere else. I've never bought from them though because they stop at size 10 but I've heard they are legit from others who buy from their site.

    I love them. The color goes with so many things. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can rock them w/o my toes freezing off! :p
  14. they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Oh, and hey, I am a size 11 also so ya know, anytime you are thinkin' of sellin' or gettin' rid of any shoes I am right here :graucho:

    great buys, those are beautiful!!!
  15. I've got those in flat heel version and I can't wait for weather to warm up!!! :yahoo:

    Smart decision keeping both pairs :graucho:!!!