Gucci Planners

  1. I was just wondering if anyone jazzes up their planner?!? I've gotten a few things for mine and figured id share!!!

    I have a gucci cell phone charm that i hang off use to be my place marker until i got the Tiffanys bookmark...and i have a tiffanys pen! :smile:

    I REALLY wish gucci would jazz up their inserts! they are so boring...i LOVE the lv u think it would be lame if i used LV inserts in my GUCCI planner??

    man i really need to stop posting and focus on studies... :sad: i think i may have to take a break from tpf after this post :crybaby:
  2. As long at the pages fit, I don't see it a a problem.
  3. OMG:drool:!!!!! Where did you get your planner? My Gucci boutique(in Nordies) doesn't carry them:cursing:.....
  4. hehe i got the planner at a gucci boutique in vegas :smile: i was actually planning on getting another leather one (i have a black gucci leather one that is SO cute!) but i saw this one and my heart just dropped hehe :smile: order one!!! :smile: hehe seriously youll LOVE it!
  5. haha thanks Kiss_p....BUT

    it has LV alllllllllll over you think itll clash?? i mean i do wear BOTH of it and i guess i can go with the theme and get a LV monogram cles to attach to the planner and the LV insides so itll be a dual planner...what do u think?
  6. Going to Vegas next month, I will def. have to grab one!!!! Thx...
  7. What size is your's and how much was it(hope you don't mind me asking)???
  8. You might recall how LV looked with Gucci earlier when I caught my cles and coin purse having an affair..:wtf:
    neeha 014.jpg
  9. ^ That just made me realize that the LV monogram is bigger than the Gucci. I can't really picture it together so I don't know what to say but I understand the question. I say if you think it looks hot then rock it. If not then choose something that would match!

    And thanks for posting the pic of your planner, I'd considered the amarante LV agenda but never got it thanks to fingerprint issues (I have the cles in that color), and never gave it much thought after that because I thought amarante would be the perfect color for me. Now I will see what Gucci has to offer..
  10. haha thanks should i mix it up?!?!

    i really like the LV inserts! are u sure it wont look tacky? i could put like a damier azur cles on it!
  11. btw u like guccisma right? they have the HOTTEST planners! they have this white one that i actually really likre! check it!! man u NEED one! :smile:
  12. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    At least both their zippers were closed...

    (Sorry, I know I'm lame...)
  13. I love your planner!

    I was looking at the ones on the Gucci website now and apparently the medium sized ones are 5.5"L x 1"W x 7.5"H. Is your's the same size? If so, I was wondering if regular inserts fit in it. Most of the daily/monthly inserts I see at stores are for 5.5 x 8.5 sized planners... do you know if they'd still fit properly in the Gucci planner? (Obviously there'd be less space above and below the inserts when they're in the planner but I'm wondering if they'd still fit in properly.)

    Thanks in advance :smile:

    ETA - never mind, I just called Gucci to ask if other inserts would fit in it and was told that they probably wouldnt... The person I spoke to said he tried to use Franklin Covey inserts in his and they didn't fit. Apparently some of the Filofax inserts fit but not Daytimer, FC, etc.
  14. waikt does that mean i have to get my inserts from them? AWWW MAN! they are so freakin boring!! darn it!
  15. ewww LOL:roflmfao: You're such an "engineer" (referring to your cupcakes friends):p