Gucci pink suede heart bag, pics!

  1. I saw this bag on eBay and missed the final bid, does anyone remember this bag at all and when it was made and how much it was? Does anyone have any pics of this bag if they own it? Would fakes be made of this bag?
    Thanks!:yes: [​IMG]
  2. Yes, I remember this bag. It is from several years ago and came in different colors. I don't think there are too many fakes of this style but you should use the authenticate this thread to be sure.
  3. what the hell is that?

    so confused.
  4. I remember that bag. I was actually looking at some Gucci bags on eBay and remember seeing two auctions on the bag which already ended.
  5. LOL , it comes with a BEATLES CD.
  6. Do you know how much it was?
  7. I was bidding on the same gucci bag, and it showed that you did win it? Why would you say you didn't?
  8. I think one of them was at $99 when I checked? I know it was definitely around $100. I forget what the other one was at.
  9. I had already arranged something with the seller and then decided not to buy it as I thought it was a fake, we had already agreed on a lower price
  10. And because Omar the seller didn't want anyone to know what he had arranged
  11. I just saw another exact same bag on eBay but in brown.
  12. where? I cant see it, want to compare!
  13. Oh okay i was just wondering... its such a cute purse
  14. what the hell is that??
    that bag is UGLY
    sorry to say
  15. Does not look like a Gucci bag to me hahaha. It might be a real bag but I would not get it.