Gucci Phone Orders

  1. Does anyone know if Gucci does phone orders? I want to order a Messenger bag and get it sent to my friend for her birthday (or just pay for it on my credit card and she can pick it up herself). I don't have a Gucci store where I am so can't purchase it and send. TIA
  2. i think they do take phone orders, but its probably easy to just order from
  3. I call a Gucci Boutique near where I want my item shipped and order from them. Never had any problems and the shipping is quick.
  4. Is this a charge send? Or can you actually get it sent to someone else... I live outside of the US and want to send something to a friend in NJ... will my order work on even though I don't have a US credit card?
  5. I've ordered over the phone during a sale. I called the Charleston store. They were very helpful and I got my bag w/in a couple of days. Good luck.
  6. there is a gucci outlet store in secaucus, nj. call that store and see if they can do it for you. here is the # to the outlet store : 201-392-2670. if not try the gucci retail store in short hills , nj. best of luck !
  7. Thanks LVChanelFanatic. Just want to make sure first that they don't tell me that they'll only send to the billing address so I don't sound stupid on the phone when paying for a long distance call! Haha.
  8. Yes i've ordered a bag over the phone before...i ordered from a location in SF and the SA that helped me was great.
  9. You should be able to send to another address. I just ordered a purse on and had it sent to an address different than my billing address. They may call you for security purposes to verify but you shouldn't have any problems.
  10. if you can..AVOID buying from the gucci site it takes FOREVER to get it whereever it needs to go!!! its MUCH MUCH MUCH faster to get it from a store! :smile:
  11. any Gucci store should be able to help you.
  12. Thanks guy. I don't have a gucci store where I live, and will probably be the easiest to get it sent from the website I guess, since I want to send it to my friend in the states...
  13. Sorry to keep this up!

    I'm on the Saks Fifth Ave website... has anybody ever used a virtual gift voucher? I see that Saks sell Gucci, so I could send my friend a virtual gift voucher and then she could go to the store tomorrow and wouldn't have to wait for shipping...

    Has anyone ever used these? Does she need to just take in an email to use against a purchase?

    TIA :smile: