Gucci Penelope Large Top Handle Bag

  1. Hey all... I saw this bag on Saks and I really like it. I was wondering if anyone had it and, if so, how much they like it... also - I kind of have a battle of the bags going on. I wear LOTS of jeans, and I really liked the Abby large Tote in Denim.

    I think I need help, friends! :yes::nuts:

    Penelope Top Handle Bag

    Abby Denim Tote

    Help me decide!!!!!
  2. Your links don't show any Gucci bags.:confused1:
  3. I see... hmm... let me try again...

    penelope.jpg abby.jpg
  4. i think i like the penelope better....
  5. The 1st.
  6. Out of the two, I like the 1st one too!
  7. penelope :smile:
  8. Yeah... I was leaning toward the Penelope... I hope it goes on sale someday soon... though... my birthday IS right around the corner... :idea::wlae:

    But I DO wear lots of jeans... I'm still on the fence i guess... more suggestions please :biggrin:
  9. I like the first one better.
  10. definitely penelope.
  11. Denim ofcourse
  12. I like the first one.
  13. the first one
  14. the SA at my local Gucci store told me the denim styles will go on sale in Dec.. so my opinion is to get the first one.. and then get the denim one when it goes on sale!

    good luck with your decision!
  15. penelope