Gucci Pelham - White handles

  1. I'm looking from top to bottom for this bag online, do any of you ladies know any good websites you could refer me too for this bag? (besides eBay). I saw it on't know if they are a trusted site or not. Please let me know I am dyinggggg for this bag! Thanks!

    J :heart:
  2. eBay can be a safe place for you to look if you use the Authenticate This thread before bidding! :yes:
  3. A member bought a fake from unusualthreads recently plus the forum doesn't recommend them (search it). I would definitely stay away! I don't think Bluefly, Raf. Network, Styledrops etc. has any. eBay would definitely be the best place to look. Warning though 99% of them are fake so definitely make sure you have it checked out like sharbear said.
  4. i just recently bought a real one on ebay. but they ares till pretty pricey. Just make sure you do your research on the bag before you buy anything. I recomend that you examine all the details because most look real but if you look at the pattern close enough you can tell its not. Good luck :smile:
  5. Did u try If they dont have it but Im pretty sure they do. If not try gucci in Beverly Hills 310-278-3451 they have them for sure.
  6. only ships within the US I believe...and the OP is from Canada... :shrugs:
  7. NM San Antonio has this style, try there