Gucci pelham medium shoulder bag

  1. I purchased this bag a couple of months ago. It's black guccissima leather with black leather trim and gold hardware.
    I love just love it...i carry it all the time....:heart:
    gucci.jpg gucci1.jpg gucci2.jpg
  2. WOW!!! It's SO beautiful!! Congrats!! :heart::heart:
  3. I love the Pelham bags! If I could, I would buy this black pelham bag because it's gorgeous. Congratulations! By the way, I noticed it says I Miss Greece under your member id.. I was just there from 9/7-9/16.. It was amazing! I miss it too! Especially Santorini!
  4. thanks mssmelanie! it is really gorgeous!!!

    I'm half greek and i used to live there until i moved to berlin for studies.......yes, santorini is beautiful....i go there every summer:heart:
  5. nice! i want to see greece someday! :smile:
  6. LOVE IT! That's #1 on my "gotta have it" list.
  7. Just got this bag in the black GG fabric. I agree, IT IS a beautiful bag. I get lots of compliments.
  8. That bag is gorgeous. I saw a similar one over the weekend. I love the Guccissima leather.