Gucci Pelham Medium Shoulder Bag 50% off @ NM

  1. im not a big fan of hairy bags...
  2. me neither, I would feel like I had my dog under my arm, it is Gucci though and I think it's beautiful to look at!
  3. LOL it looks kind of like a skunk to me :push:
  4. :push: :push:
  5. Ditto. I don't like wearing "pets" either. Reminds me of that Horrid Prada fringe bag that just came out this season. If I expect it to bark at me, I'd rather not wear it! lol
  6. My thoughts EXACTLY lol!!! ewwwwww can you imagine what that would feel like if you were carrying it w/ a sleevless top on???:yucky:
  7. The hair really turns me off!:yucky:
  8. wow this bag is very interesting looking.
  9. agree..not a fan of hairy bags. it almost looks like it needs to be brushed...