Gucci Pelham in Pink?

  1. Hi, I saw someone carrying a Pelham bag in pink color. Really gorgeous color but I was wondering it they really have that color cuz I went to search for it in Gucci website but they have pink.. :confused1:
  2. Sorry. I meant, they have no pink.
  3. I am obessed with pink Guccis and have searched around the world (literally :p ) but haven't seen what you've described. Is it a baby pink color fabric or pink leather trim pelham?
  4. It's a baby pink fabric Pelham with white leather trim.
  5. pink_abbey.jpg
  6. Something like that. Aww.. That's a fake. It really is pretty color though.

    The Abbey is so cute. I love the shape and the color.

    Well, I love pink. :p
  7. Yeah, I love pink too. We might have to stop by Japan to get authentic ones. :girlsigh: I just got one from a eBay seller, I hope it's real... I will post pics when I receive it.
  8. That's nice. I hope it's real too. :smile: eBay gets really scary sometimes. Yay! I love pics!
  9. The Abbey pictured is real (I bought one myself in Feb 2006 at the Gucci store.) I think the pink fabric was only for that season/year, someone correct me if I'm wrong. Being that the Pelham is a relatively new style, I would say that the pink Pelham is fake. You can always call the store to ask the SA's.
  10. the pelham is hardly a new style. Its been out for a few years now.

    Its possible this woman got the bag in Europe, and it is authentic. They have styles in colors, not released in the US.
  11. That's great news, love2travel. Cuz it really is a gorgeous bag in such pretty color. It would be very disappointing if it's a fake.
  12. Yup, it's hard to tell unless you snap her bag and look at the tag & serial number, but it's kind of rude even to stare! :rolleyes: If it's real, I will be very very envy of her :p
  13. I guess I was wrong about the Pelham? The style seemed new to me, perhaps I just never noticed it until this past winter. However, IMHO the pink Pelham seems a bit fishy if it is real, being that the seller has 7 available at only $80 each (and it's noted that the price is negotiable).

    But I have heard that Gucci sometimes releases bags in Europe in styles/colors that are not available in the U.S.
  14. The baby pink is so cute!
  15. I know they do make the pink horsebit but that seller is fake. They are one of the replica sellers. Notice the pic is of a "store" factory room full of bags. It is a fake seller. The description is sparse and it doesn't talk about its authenticity. I've seen many a seller like this