Gucci Pelham bag

  1. do you think this bag (GG canvas w/ brown leather) will ever get reduced?
    I saw it on a lady in Lord & Taylor the other night and I was my husband stared there and said "What is it that you keep staring at????"
    Crafty ladies- let me know if you have conjured up a game-plan for me.
    I'm not w/ the Gucci stores pre-sale/sale flow yet....
  2. I don't know? I haven't seen any monogram Pelham's on sale but I though I saw other fabrics? I'm not positive though.
  3. ^The shape looks a bit odd. :shrugs:
  4. I agree...Yes - the shape is really off.. this bag did not go on sale and currently retails for $1455. Here's a link to the real deal..