Gucci Pelham 50% off !

  1. gah. that bag sure is...interesting...

    it's still there.
  2. I am normally a HUGE Gucci fan, but that bag looks like it might bite! loL!
  3. furry bags give me the heebie geebies
  4. yikes! Maybe it looks better in real life?
  5. hmm, not sure about that one. reminds me too much of a skunk!?
  6. not a big fan of hairy bags:sad:
  7. Eh... no...
  8. not sure about this bag. sort of looks like expensive road kill or something.
  9. wow....that is one hairy bag. no wonder it's still there?
  10. Why diid they have to do that to the gorgeous Pelham?? I hate fur bags - ugh!!

  11. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
    So funny! Skunk was the first thing I thought of too!!
  12. it was 3895.00 $ ???? OMG
  13. not my style...
  14. It's been available for quite a while.. I wonder why....