Gucci Peggy Shoulder Bag

  1. Anyone with the Gucci Peggy Purse? Here is a Pic of mine. I purchased mine at the Gucci Boutique in Nassau, Bahamas. It was on Sale for $875. Anyone else own a Gucci Peggy? What do you think of it?
    Gucci Peggy.jpg
  2. I love that bag. One of my bffs have that bag, and she's in love with it also. Absolutely a great purchase. Congrats!
  3. My mom bought it at the spring sale last year. She always gets complimented on it. One of my aunts wanted to buy it from her, but she just couldn't sell it.
  4. I have it in black and simply LOOOVE it! Bought it during the sale last December at 30% off.

    I love the dangly thangs, the bamboo decoration, the light gold hardware, the new leather smell of the trimmings, the pretty braided handle,... love, love, love all of it .... most especially, I love that it can be carried in 2 ways, either pullied in tight for a 'trapezium' shape or like a normal tote bag.

    Love it!

    One concern though is how long lasting the leather braided straps will be, as it feels a tad flimsy. Anyone?
  5. Thanks for your feedback. Now I just have to figure out what to put in it. I've never had such a big bag!
  6. I like this bag! I tried it on in the store and I liked how you could cinch it in or can wear it like a tote.
  7. CONGRATS!! I love the tassle on that bag. GREAT BUY @ the Bahamas!!! :tup: NO TAX!!! I bought a tote there last year last well.
  8. it's gorgeous! :tup: