Gucci patent leather--how durable is it?

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  1. How does it look over time? Any issues?
  2. Questions about patent leather are on another thread.

    I was talking to woman today who has a patent leather handbag from the 1980s. She had it stored in its dust cover but it went 'soft' (we are talking 25 years ago).

    I am also thinking about buying patent Gucci this fall (one of 3 bags I want) and what I'm going to do if I do buy it is use it/not wrap it/keep using it until I've got my moneys worth.

    Its actually a very durable material with use. It's the storing that can ruin it. Patent likes to be used.

    Moisture and extreme temperature kills all patent. So it all depends how, where and how long you store it.

    Hope this helps but try searching this forum and general handbags for more info