Gucci--Paris Prices??

  1. Hi girls,
    I will be travelling to Paris this summer and have been wondering whether I should delay some Gucci purchases since they may be cheaper in Paris. I am particularly interested in the horse-bit hobos (one for my mom and another one for me :love: ). Im hoping that someone from France will be able to enlighten me on the prices for these bags..

    Thanks :idea:
  2. The prices are generally wait..However it depends on the Euro at the time of your visit..ALSO BE CAREFUL..I had one credit card that CHARGED me extra for converting the euros to dollars on my charges...cost me alot!!! I tend to use my visa mac card came back at a better exchange rate....
    Also-At the airport you must carry on ALL your purchases to get the forms filled out and get the money back..they will mail you a check or give them your credit card #-It takes a couple of months..but saved me alot of money!
  3. I never thought of that Jill!! Thanks for the great advice..I will keep it in mind...but I will leave Paris for another European country..and not back to the states...that shouldnt make a difference right??

    Thanks again