Gucci Paravanda Frida Collection

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  1. #1 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    Has anyone seen this yet? Looks very pretty for Spring :smile:

    *Picture taken from*
  2. Gah, I can't get the picture to show up for the life of me! Sorry guys, you'll just have to copy the link.
  3. Thanks for the pic. I am not a fan of bags like these such as the tatoo one etc. However I know a lot of people love them.
  4. Very pretty and perfect for spring - but it's just way too white for me to be able to keep clean. I'd be too paranoid to carry it.


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  5. Agreed with you flipchickmc.. but it is lovely.. but too white.. haha I will have to wear gloves to carry it.. and I won't even put it on the floor or chair or anywhere at any time.. hahhaha

    I wonder when will it be available.. and what is the price :graucho:

  6. Details quoted from

    First up, the Gucci Paravanda Frida Special Edition Boston that features a hand-painted version of the Paravanda Frida motif on the white GG canvas coated body with the iconic Gucci web in pink and white. The bag is finished off with white leather trim details and will carry a unique serial number embossed on the inside. Only 78 will be available and they are priced at SGD1280 each.

    And that’s not all. On the left we’ve got the Gucci Paravanda Frida Appliqué Boston that’s so limited that only 10 pieces are available. The white GG coated canvas body is adorned with appliquéd orchids in leather and finished with white crocodile handles. Hand-crafted and serialised with a unique identification number, each one is truly a collector’s item.

    Besides the 2 bags there will also be a a wristlet and tees for both sexes (gray for men and white for women), and unlike other charity initiatives that give only a percentage of proceeds to the charity concerned, Gucci will be giving 100% of all proceeds of the 2 bags to MILK (Mainly I Love Kids), a local children’s charity that I personally adore. I also feel strangely patriotic; it is after all a collection that was inspired by an orchid hybrid that was cultivated locally.

    The collection formally launches in Singapore early March 2010
  7. They're beautiful bags!!! I guess they're only available in Singapore?

    I absolutely adore the Applique Boston the most - it's tdf. So classy, pretty and feminine.
  8. #8 Feb 3, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 3, 2010
    The Applique Boston somewhat reminds me of the pink/white Dior Girly bags that were highly sought after a few years ago. The Dior Girly bags also had applique flowers scattered on the outside. I really like the Gucci orchid painted Boston.
  9. is really stunning.. the boston on the right.. is 1280 SGD.. about 9xx US dollars.. ...:drool: hahah luckily I am on ban.. and it is only sold in singapore..
  10. I :heart: Gucci

    I :heart: orchids

    I want the Gucci Paravanda Frida Appliqué Boston

    I can't believe thay've made a Gucci Boston that i can't have - that's just plain unfair :pout::hysteric::crybaby:
  11. They are so pretty!! I couldn't have one because I agree, they are definitely too white!!
  12. #12 Feb 4, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2010
    oh yah.. there's no way I can handle a white bag, the white wallet I got a few months back is turning color already! but they are beautiful!!

    i really love how gucci implements the colored web stripe on their bags, it's almost like an LV Mon Monogram.. for less!

    Here's a slightly bigger picture of one of the bags...

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  13. Absolutely gorgeous but I cannot do a white bag -- I wear way too much denim;)
  14. Very pretty but not a fan of white colored bags. Thanks for sharing.
  15. Gorgeous... I love the splash of color the flowers have..