Gucci owners - I need help fast!!!!!

  1. I think it's fake. It doesn't look right, the seller's explanation is weird, and the numbers on the tag are really off-center.
  2. You can't double post.
  3. I apologize, I didn't know this was double posting. I added the reply to my original post but then thought the Gucci forum might be a better place to ask... just wasn't sure.

    Thanks for all of the help, I *do* appreciate it.
  4. Fake- sorry. Don't worry: everyone makes mistakes when they're new- I know I made plenty! :biggrin:
  5. Thanks so much! What gives it away as being a fake, so I can tell for future searches?
  6. ^^ nice...!!!!No worries!
    Newbies are allowed to make mistakes too!We can move the old thread in its not a prob!

    I think this bag is FAKE....Sorry!
  7. Thanks for understanding! :smile:

    Can you guys clue me in on how you know this is fake so I know for next time? And can you recommend some other cute hobo brand bags for a fraction of the price?
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