Gucci over a ring?

  1. Help! If you were to receive a gift:nuts: for your 5th anniversary from your bf:love:, which would you choose: a gucci wallet or an eternity ring? Why? I really can't decide... help!:confused1:
  2. Choose the one you've been wanting longer!
  3. I'd go for the wallet now and tell him you'd rather have an ENGAGEMENT ring next gift!!! lol... congrats on whichever you decide!!!
  4. ^^^what she said!!!:tup:
  5. Ahhh this is a tough one... because i myself usually pick handbags over jewelry. BUT i know in my heart i should pick the jewelry because it would have much more sentimental value. I would never sell any of my jewelry that my husband buys me but i know in the future, i would likely sell off bags i don't use.

    But go with what you have been wanting more.
  6. 5 years.... wow tabbi if you are getting a ring it better have a huge rock on it. ;) But seriously, go with the purse and tell him if you are to get a ring it has to be for a different occasion. :rolleyes:
  7. from BF i would say ring. :yes:
  8. go for the gucci wallet, what the hell is an "eternity" ring anyways? I would rather get an engagement ring, so just get the wallet.
  9. If I'm correct, an eternity ring is the one with diamonds all the way around the ring, kinda similar to a tennis bracelet, get what I mean? hehe well I decided to go for the ring since I could always buy a wallet for myself if I wanted. But a ring coming from a person you love, that's something special right? Thanks so much girls! :tup:
  10. Good pick. That's what I would of picked, you can get a wallet anytime but a ring is more special :tup:
  11. u had e same thinking as mine, we could always buy a wallet ourselves, but we couldnt buy a ring for ourselves right?:tup:
  12. congratulations on your anniv tabbi!!!! i'm just so happy for you... :smile:
  13. I think a ring is more special than a wallet! Gucci or not!
  14. I would have gone for the ring too! It has more sentimental value. Congrats on your anniv. by the way! GOOD CHOICE!

    *Your puppy is adorable!
  15. thanks girls!

    krazy4bags: he's not my puppy. he's may gay baby brother!=)