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  1. So I am thinking of going to the Gucci outlet tomorrow to check out the bags. The thing is that it's about a 2 hour drive. Does anyone who's been there think it's worth it or should I just go to a regular store and get a "new" purse??
  2. Where is there a Gucci outlet? Just curious, I'd love to go to one!

  3. There is one for sure near Palm Springs, California. I am pretty sure there are 2 others. One in NJ and one in NY. I have only been to the CA one. I have never found anything I "had to have". I have been told what they have in the outlet is whatever did not sell at the last sale. It no cheaper then when it was in the full priced store on sale.
  4. I was just at the Gucci outlet one week ago in cabazon Near Palm Springs, and I wasnt very impressed. I think their prices were very high and not much to choose from...
  5. I've bought the medium Bouvier in brown for <$500 after tax, which was a steal! The original price was about $1,000 + tax. This was at the Cabazon outlet (near Palm Springs) in Aug. Its usually hit or miss.
  6. where is the gucci outlet in nj and ny exactly i would love to know!!!!thanks
  7. ^it's in secaucus, nj and central valley, ny (woodbury).
  8. At the beginning of the month I was at the Gucci outlet in Cabazon, and I made a purchase. I liked their selection, and the discounted items. I need to actually spend more time in there, because when I bought the purse, I didn't really look anywhere else. Now I need to go back and get a matching wallet.