gucci outlet

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  1. went to the gucci outlet this past weekend. got some goodies :yahoo:

  2. Very nice. Love them
  3. wow, how much were they on sale for?? they are gorgeous and i especially love the red one!! enjoy~
  4. Great buys!!LOve the red Capri bag!!CONGRATS!
  5. congrats, enjoy.:P
  6. I love the red bag - great purchase!
  7. wow!! good job there!! looks great!!! ;)
  8. Oooo, I must possess the red one! If you decide you don't want to keep it, let me know! :yes:

    Hey, does the outlet do mail orders?? I LOVE THAT RED BAG!
  9. please post price for each and let us know which outlet u went to...lovely bags!
  10. Congrats! Somehow every time I go to the Gucci outlet in Cabazon there is nothing worth buying...their merchandise loses it's mystique when it's no longer in the actual boutique.
  11. they were around $500 each
  12. i got the last one. :sweatdrop: im not sure if the outlet does mail orders. i went to the outlet in new jersey.
  13. I love that last one too. Yes, please post prices!! Congrats on your purchases!

  14. there's an outlet in nj? where?
  15. its in seacacus