Gucci outlet questions

  1. Hello Ladies,

    I'm planning on going to the outlet(woodbury commons) to buy my first Gucci, but I have some questions before I go:

    1. Do the outlets have semi annual sales like the stores? If so, is it worth while to wait?

    2. Do they carry classics styles?

    3. Are items in the stores substantially cheaper than retail? Is it cheaper than Neiman's, or Saks sale prices?

    4. Any other tips and tricks you could offer to get a quality bag at a reasonable price?

    • I was inspired by the very informative thread "Coach outlets! All you ever wanted to know & more" And would appreciate similar tips and trick that I can apply to Gucci.
    Thank you!
  2. I have not been to the outlet but I recently purchased the small pink belt bag. My friend wanted it and the boutique told us to check with the outlet. We did and it she was able to get it at the same price that I bought mine for on sale at the Gucci Boutique. I think it's hit or miss though. I've seen some people say that they got great deals and some not.. I guess it depends when they get their shipments. I would think now or even a few weeks ago would be good because the sale ended in boutiques and they have sent the unsold items to the outlets.

    Someone should be able to come along soon and tell you their outlet experiences. Good Luck!
  3. 1-No, they do not have the same sales as the stores. The outlets have their own sales. They are usually during holidays, but the most recent sale, during the 4th of July was only on clothing and not handbags.

    2-Outlets only have older styles that have already gone on sale in the stores, so you'll find items from past seasons, seasonal items, and classics that have been discontinued.

    3-Usually the price at the outlet is the same price as you can get in the sales at the store. There may be additional markdowns on styles that have been at the outlets for a long time or special sales. You may be able to find lower prices at final markdowns from Saks and NM.
  4. I would call and ask what they have before you go if it is a far drive. If you call when they are not busy they will usually tell you everything they have in stock. They can even email you photos of what they have.

    All sales are final at the outlet.
  5. The prices at the Gucci outlets vary. I noticed about 20% to 50% off (original prices and sale price listed on price tag). I just went to one 2 weekends ago (in So. Cal) and they did have a wide variety of styles. If you are looking for something in particular call ahead, as the other girls previously mentioned. My friend pointed out one bag at the outlet that she noticed a lot of women were carrying around in Europe similar to the "Royal" hobo in the GG fabric. And the stores had a good variety of wallets and sunglasses too :tup: good luck!
  6. I live 20 minutes from woodbury commons and I go atleast once a week. Its a hit or miss. Past 1 month it has been flooded with stuff. Mostly sale items from retail which have not been sold. They all mostly 30% off retail price. My advice, if you are looking for something in particular, you most defentely will NOT find it but go with an attitude that you want to buy whatever which looks good then probably it will be worth the trip. I just got a GOLD guccissima Jackie O bag for $649 and wallet for $159. Last month I found a black leather horsebit chain hobo for $750 (retail $1100, still in stores) and matching horsebit wallet for $359. Good Luck!
  7. ^^zowie! do you have a picture of the gold guccissima wallet that you scored? I'd love to get one too.
  8. I wished I lived that close to a Gucci Outlet that I could go all the time.
  9. I will post pictures of both this afternoon.
  10. Thanks everyone, for your tips and tricks, however more is encouraged.

    Question to VASTARE: Do they carry shoes as well?

    Questions for Anyone: Do you think I can call the store and they would be able to tell me when their next sale is (outlet at woodbury)? Do you think they know?
  11. Yes, they sell shoes as well. They probably do not know now, as they usually do not find out until close to the sale date when exactly it will be and what is included.