Gucci Outlet Question

  1. Does anyone know if I can place an order over the phone at the Gucci Outlet in Woodbury Commons? Also, what do they usually have in stock?
  2. just call the store and they can take your credit card # and send it to you only for $10 shipping cost. You can also ask the SA to email you pics of current stock. My SA there is Scott and he's great.
  3. Thanks for the info. I'll call Scott.
  4. Wow, that's great to know!
  5. do u have their phone#
  6. ^it's 845-928-8034.
  7. tnx!!
  8. Post pics of the item you bought!
  9. Do you know if they have a Gucci outlet at the Wrentham outlets in MA?
  10. I have not heard of one there.
  11. The only Gucci outlets I know of are in CA, NJ and of course NY. If anyone knows of other outlets, please post.
  12. there is a gucci and CA? wow would they do phone orders?
  13. The CA outlet is at Desert Hills Premium Outlets. I'm not sure if they do phone orders, I place my phone orders at the Woodbury Commons store. Here is the CA store phone number if you'd like to call: (951) 849-7430
  14. hmmm I wonder if they ship to Canada? *crosses fingers*