Gucci Outlet Prices !!!

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  1. For all those people going to , or thinking of going to Palm Springs. I phoned the desert Hills Gucci outlet ( As I am from Canada and wanted to know if its worth my while) this is what the SA told me... PURSES 30% off, Shoes 40% off, Jewelery 50% off, Watches 40% off. She also said merchandise is from the last season. Good to know. So for me, this sounds worth my while. Hope this helps everyone else.:yes:
  2. I have been there only a few times. I am not telling you not to go (maybe I was just there on off days) but I have never really found anything I would say is a great deal. From what I have been told from the SA what they get are all the merch. that does not sell in the store during the sale. They do not lower it any extra from when it was on sale in the full retail store. There are some other great stores in that outlet mall.

    I have called the outlet store and the SA are VERY nice. If you know kind of what you are looking for they can tell you what they have. Once a SA even took some photos of some purses I was interested in and email the photos.

    I am no expert on the outlet. It is just my opinion I am sure others will say it is a must to go there. But I rather just hit the reg. retail stores the 1st day of the sale and get my bags then for the same price.

    One other thing about the outlet is all sales are final.
  3. watches are 40% off?? The last time I checked, it was the same price as if they were being sold at Macy's. :confused1:
  4. The Gucci outlet in Desert Hills is quite "dead" in my opinion. They don't have that much bags or other items everytime I go there.
  5. So obviously its not that great there. Bummer.:sad: I'm glad you told me this.
  6. Last season? I wonder if it's the fall stuff coming in from the Gucci stores after the last sale...