Gucci Outlet locations?

  1. I been to one before. SOMEWHERE. A few years back. But I seriously cannot recall WHERE!!!!!! I'm going nuts right now bc I really cant recall where that mall was that had a Gucci Outlet.

    Can u guys point out where there are some gucci outlets?

  2. there's one at woodbury outlet mall just outside of nyc
  3. There's also one outside of Florence in Italy at an outlet mall called THE MALL. It's my favorite place on earth...I think I've talked my boyfriend into taking me to Italy just so I can go to the outlet again
  4. There is also one at the Desert Hills Premium Outlets in Palm Springs.
  5. Is there one in California anywhere?
  6. ^^Cabazon, CA. It's the Desert Hills Premium Outlets--a lot of people refer to it as being in Palm Springs, but it's a good 30 miles or so west of PS.
  7. I just went to one in NJ
  8. an sa named angela in cabazon outlet is really nice.
    i was a little worried in the beginning doing phone order to an outlet since some outlet bags are not in good condition. but she picked a very good one for me.
    i am glad.
  9. What part of NJ?

    BTW hey everyone, I'm new....

    does anyone know if there is one in Vegas?
  10. I believe it's Seacacus, NJ.

  11. It was in secaucus :=)
  12. There's a fairly new outlet that opened in Northern CA -- in Vacaville.
  13. does anyone have an email to a SA that works at this store? i am planning a trip to SF and would to see what merchandise they have before heading there.

  14. It's best to call the outlet to see if the SAs can tell you what they have in stock, +1-707-447-0104. You can ask for Amy, Brigitte, or Yessica.