gucci outlet in secaucus 50% off!!

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  1. Hi everyone, the Gucci in secaucus outlet are having a sale of 50% off ALL mens, womens ready to wear and belts also. Everything else is discounted off but it varies depending on the item. they had the sequence flats for 169!! the horsebit wine flats for 139!!...and the canvas horsebit bag for 200!! great deals.
  2. do you happen to know ther phone number, i may want to order over the phone and have them send it to me, if they're like fendi. please let me know thanks
  3. Holy smokes!! I want to go!
  4. any other bags? i might go tomorrow
  5. I'm so excited, my mom is going to go now and see what they have. :yahoo:
  6. hope you'll find something nice~
  7. Hi
    if you go to outlet bound and look up gucci, this is the number they give you - 201-867-8800. And from there you can be directed to the outlet store. I had no luck getting through though and sat on hold for like 15 minutes :sad:
  8. Hi again - I retried that number, pressed what you needed to press to get connected to the outlet and this time someone picked up. They said they didnt have anymore of the canvas horsebit bags on sale. If someone calls and they tell you a different answer will you please post! I wanted one of those bags:sad: Thanks :smile:
  9. Which horsebit bag is it? The horsebit hobo or the little clutch horsebit? I am dying for the horsebit hobo and would love to get it for $200.
  10. OMG, horsebit for $200?! what a steal! wish i can go :sad:
  11. Do you guys know when the sale when end?
  12. So my mom went and there really wasn't anything that I wanted. Most of the bags were between $400 and $500, which I guess isn't bad, but not in my budget right now. There were some denim bags, not many canvas ones. There's a nylon one for about $200, which she is sending me a picture of, but I had no idea that Gucci made nylon bags with a logo. Well we'll see.
  13. just went, but don't know gucci bag styles much, but here goes...

    pelham medium in green suede, abbey medium in denim GG fabric, lots of bouvier medium hobos in leather, fabric and pony.

    lots of pigna canvas bags in different styles. there was a beautiful brown ostrich fact many different totes.

    many great belts, decent selection of shoes, small leather goods and a few travel bags. womens clothes were nothing to write home about.
  14. do you know if they still have the canvas horsebit?? what color and size?? THANKS!
  15. oh did you say belts? do you have their email address so I can let them send pictures? thanks!