Gucci Outlet in Jersey

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  1. Hi all!

    Has anyone been to the Gucci outlet store in Jersey?..I'm planning on going this Saturday..I don't really know what to expect..I hope there's a lot of variety and that things aren't picked over?
    I will keep you posted if I snag any great deals..I really want a Boston bag!!
  2. Where exactly is the outlet in Jersey?
  3. The outlet is in Secaucus, New Jersey near the Meadowlands. I was there about three weeks ago and I didn't see any Boston bags, butI would imagine that their stock changes often. I would call first, because the rest of the outlets in the area aren't that great anymore.
  4. Thanks Melanierez! You're right, I will call and ask! I'll keep you all posted if I find any Blondies, or Bostons, or anything worthwhile! I wish Tom Ford was still with Gucci..I just don't think they'are as good as before!
  5. I drove around for an HOUR looking for that place only to discover it was closed because of Easter Sunday. Boy was I mad.
  6. I'd love a report when you return... I was disappointed in Woodbury but I hope you have a different experience!
  7. Whoa no way!!! I thought the only two outlets were in Desert Hills and Woodbury! More places to call I guess hehehe......