Gucci Outlet in Japan!!!

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  1. Hey tPFers!!!

    I'll be going to the Gucci outlet in Gotemba (in Shizuoka if I'm not wrong) in the beginning of June...has anyone of you Gucci-ers been there? I'm really curious to what they have and whether it's actually really cheap when compared to the I'd know what to expect and prepare enough money to go shop :p

    I really want this medium mesenger bag...but it's the new men's spring 07 collection...I heard that the stuff in the outlet are last seasons'..please correct me if I'm wrong!!!

    Here's the link to the bag:

    I also want those classic white Gucci sneakers too...have you guys seen it on the outlets anywhere?

    I'm really looking forward to go and shop there :drool:

    Big thanks!!
  2. sorry, i've never been there, just wanted to say 'have fun'! ;)
  3. Yes, the outlets will have things from past seasons. You probably won't find anything from Spring 2007 collection there, as it won't go to the outlets unless it does not sell during the sales at the boutiques.
  4. hope u find something good!!!
  5. oh man....have fun! you're so lucky!
  6. have fun
  7. have a blast!!!!!!!!! do some great shopping! although i have not been to that particular outlet, i know from other outlets that they usually have some stuff from previous seasons, and then other items that are made solely for example is burberry's blue label (its a light blue instead of the traditional navy). i also noticed in burberry outlets they had winter scarves for like $58.00, when they retail for i believe around $225 or turned out that the cheaper scarves in the outlet were made of wool, and the ones they usually sell in normal stores are cashmere. So, just keep your eyes open for small differences! enjoy!!!!!!
  8. Does anyone have the info about outlets in Japan

    I only know of the Prada/Space one
  9. ooo hope you can find something nice at the outlet. one question though...aren't prices in japan a bit higher than other places?
  10. Well, if you're shopping in the ginza district in tokyo then yes! but I don't think the outlet will be more expensive because its more or less likely located in a non-central location, and also since its in a non-central location the land will be cheaper?
  11. Thanks everyone! I'll post up some pix when I get back!!

    I went to the Gucci store in Fukuoka (west of Japan) and looked at the Gucci was retailed at 18,000yen -ish...but then when I went to buy it in Oita prefecture (a prefecture right next to Fukuoka, but it's a wayyy smaller city) it was for around 16,000yen!

    I asked the SA and she said that it might be because of a price mistake? (...or it could be that Oita is more rural than a metropolis like Fukuoka?)
  12. it was probably a price mistake :\

    I really want to hit the outlet mall thats not far from where I live (I'm not sure what stores are there, hopefully something good) but I have the feeling that the outlet prices will be pretty close to the regular retail in America considering the markup here! LOL