Gucci Outlet in Italy

  1. Has anyone ever been? I'm traveling to Tuscany in July and I heard there was an outlet. I'd like to know if it's any good and worthwile to go. Thanks!
  2. I would also LOVE to know. My best friend is going in late June and I wanted to know how much money I need to give her. If she will find lots of great things or is it more like the US outlet where I can never find anything really worth buying.
  3. i love the italian outlets!!! of course the item's aren't dirt cheap, but there can be some awesome deals. i got a clutch purse for about $100US, and it retails here for $315 + tax!! i'm going back to europe this summer and the outlets are a MUST on my itinerary...
  4. Yes, you should definitely go! The one near Florence had lots of stuff and it is great also if there is an older style you want, since they have styles from several seasons ago.
  5. i've also been to the outlets near florence and they're a lot of fun. things definitely aren't cheap, but there are some good deals. i bought a cute little fendi tote a couple years ago for 60 euro!
  6. You lucky people! If I told my hubby we're going to Italy for the Gucci outlet, he would tell me to get a life :crybaby:
  7. I'm debating whether to go in early June or early August. I'm leaning towards June just because based on my experience last year, Italy was SO BLOODY HOT in August. But then, I'm not sure if there were better sales in August than in June. What do you suggest?
  8. Can someone pack me in their suitcase?

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  10. How do you get there :sneaky:
  11. Any address or phone number? :rolleyes:
  12. So here are the details that I uncovered - the Gucci outlet in Tuscany is in what's call The Mall. THE MALL address: Via Europa 8, 50060 Leccio, Reggello – Firenze The Mall Tel +39 055 8657 775

    Here is the link for more information: Lo Spaccio - Outlet Shopping

    In addition to Gucci, they have a bunch of other designer outlets such as Fendi and D&G.

    I appreciate all your comments and will definitely carve some time out during my trip to shop! :yahoo:
  13. I went to these outlets last fall on my trip to Florence, and Gucci is the best one....wallets & shoes are on a GREAT discount, but I found their handbag selection to be lacking. The other outlets are eh, just okay. (Prada outlet is NOT in The Mall, its in a different outlet mall that I did not visit). Everything is still pretty expensive, and on my student budget all I was able to afford was a pair of Gucci mules.

    To get there, you take a bus from Florence (can't remember the exact cost, i think it was like 6 euros round trip). It took me ages to find the's near the main train station but sort of like off to the side. You may want to ask for directions. The bus leaves 2 x a day, and picks up 2 x a day...if you take the first bus to the outlets & the first bus home from the outlets, I think it gives you about 2 hours shopping time, which trust me, will be enough.

    In my opinion, it's worth going, just for the Gucci outlet if you are already planning a few days in Florence. If you only have limited time, it might be better spent checking out sites in Florence.
  14. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Hell yeah, thanks. :jammin: